Places I’ve been, Things I’ve seen: Bangkok

Thailand was always one of those place that I knew I wanted to go, and when one of my good friends moved half way around the world it was the perfect time to take my trip.

There were many things I loved about Thailand, the culture, the food and the people. I met so many people from around the world on my trip and will hold my memories of Thailand near to my heart.

Being a city girl, I naturally wanted to see Bangkok first and it totally lived up to any and all imaginations.  I did the typical tourist thing but was lucky enough to see the local side of Bangkok by taking their metro and getting a real feel sense of the city. I also was lucky enough to hear from another traveler that MOCA (Museum of Contemporary art) was free during the weekdays, and was absolutely blow away by the beautiful art and stunning architecture of the museum itself.

Here some of my unconventional shots of Bangkok

IMG_2485.jpg‘Welcome to Bangkok’ Koh San Road – Bangkok

IMG_2527.jpgBangkok rush hour traffic into the city

IMG_2549.jpgSkytrain pulling into station – the best way to get around Bangkok

IMG_2535.jpgMap of the world at MOCA – Bangkok

IMG_2548.jpgFlower Buddha painting at MOCA – Bangkok

IMG_2540.jpgMuseum of Contemporary Art (MOCA) – Bangkok


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