Places I’ve been, Things I’ve seen: Phuket


The second half of my trip in Thailand was spent in the province of Phuket, known for its beautiful beaches.  It was such a surreal feeling being somewhere I had dreamed of going to for so long, when I actually got there I was overcome by euphoria. 

There were a few places I stayed while I was in Phuket, Koh Phi Phi was hand down the most beautiful beach. I also stayed in a Airbnb  in Bang Tao which had a secret beach not too far away, it was truly amazing to have a part of the ocean all to myself.

I had also heard from another traveler that there was a half moon party during my stay in Phuket, naturally as a party girl I had to check it out. It was an amazing night with so much love, laughter and  people I will always remember. IMG_2968.JPG

The next time I go to Thailand I will definitely be spending more time exploring all the other islands that I didn’t have time to make it too.

Hope you guys like a few shots from Phuket, Koh Phi Phi and Bang Tao.



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