Lets talk about: The Past

For many of us, our past holds the experiences that have shaped us to who are today. Some of the experiences have been great like falling in love, getting a great job and reaching a goal that you have been working really hard towards. In the same way some of those experiences have been bad like being in a toxic relationship with a partner, friends or family, self sabotage or incident that happened to us that was not in our control and not your fault at all. Its important that we use these experiences to make us and not break us, for the person we are trying to be still holds all of these experiences. Learning to use your past to push forward is trick that I have taught myself along my journey on to becoming a happier more self aware person.

The first step is reflecting on your experiences recognizing our behaviour in situations means you are taking responsibility for the direction that your actions have taken you. Reflect on what could have been done if you able to do it again? Would you put yourself in the same position you are currently in? Would you have made some of those same choices? You cannot change the past, but you can choose the way to react to situations in the future and allow yourself to make better decisions that will benefit you and the person you want to become. 

Its also really important to forgive yourself, often we are our own biggest critics. Do not beat yourself up over the past, especially if you have experienced abuse in any form.It is not your fault and never was ! People often think when they were wronged in a situation, what they could have done differently. Forgiving yourself will render these incidents and they will no longer hold power over you anymore. Please do not torment yourself over things you could not control!!

Lastly letting go, the past is in the past and that exactly where it should stay. Once you have reflected and learned from your past its important to let it go. It has served its purpose. Seek to make your future better powering yourself to move forward a  to become more self aware person. Be optimistic  about your future, life is too short to dwell upon all that is wrong. You can become the person you have always wanted to be, work hard, set goals, let your past push you forward and don’t give up ! 


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